Eastern Wrecker Sales Inc

Eastern Wrecker Sales Inc is the oldest active distributor in the nation for the Jerr-Dan Corporation, an OshKosh Corporation Company. Eastern Wrecker Sales Inc is proud to offer the entire Jerr-Dan product line: Jerr-Dan Standard-Duty & Medium-Duty Carriers, Jerr-Dan Industrial Carriers, Jerr-Dan Multi-Car Carriers, Jerr-Dan Wreckers, Jerr-Dan Medium & Heavy Duty Wreckers, and Jerr-Dan 50/60 Ton Rotators. We are also a full service dealer, offering a large Service facility for Jerr-Dan equipment along with a full Jerr-Dan Parts inventory, shipping parts nationwide and around the world.

Eastern Wrecker Sales Inc is also proud to be a leading distributor and full service dealer for the Landoll line of products. Landoll trailers are recognized world-wide as some of the best built, reliable, heavy duty transport equipment available anywhere. We have a full Service and Parts facility to support our Landoll customers, shipping Landoll parts to our customers across the nation. Landoll Traveling Axle Trailers are helping our customers transport heavy loads every day. Landoll — trailers tough enough to move the world.