ZackLift Fifth Wheeler

ZackLift Fifth Wheel units are designed to save you money and to make your work easier. The ZackLift can be moved from truck to truck, using a fifth wheel mounting system, or permanently installed. Use a truck you have, even switch the unit from one truck to another. Your ZackLift is fully plumbed and operates as a self-contained unit. Back under it just like a semi-trailer, hook it up, and you’re ready to go!

The standard ZackLift is available in different load capacities, and with a range of options available. When not using your ZackLift, just offload it onto the storage stands until you need it again. Now there is also the more affordable and simpler EZTow! Financing is straightforward with our fine commercial lenders. Product brochures are linked below – just click on the image to open the brochure you want to see.

Zacklift FifthWheel Brochure
Zacklift FifthWheel Brochure
ZackLift EZTow Unit
ZackLift EZTow Brochure
ZackLift Permanent Mount
ZackLift Permanent Mount Brochure