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Come Drive The Truck You Want

Camren Baines - Salesperson

So you think you might like one of the F650s, but you’ve never driven one? Maybe you’re wondering how the new Chevrolet 6500 rides? Not ready to buy a truck, but you’d like to drive one anyway?

Ok. Come drive one. It’s just that simple.

You might be the owner of the company – great! Or maybe you just work there, driving for the man. That’s fine, too! Either way, the more people who know which of our trucks they like, the better. Buy what you like. Or just take some good information back to the company. Operate the bed. Take photos. Take selfies. Play the radio really loud.

Salesperson Camren Baines seated in Freightliner
Salesperson Camren Baines taking a drive in a new Freightliner

If we’ve got ’em, you can take them for a test drive. And we always have plenty of trucks on hand. Take a look at our inventory ⎯ you can click here to see everything on the website. See something you want to drive? Just let us know – here’s 3 easy ways to do it:

  • Just fill out the form below to let us know!
  • Or send us an email – you can click here for an email link.
  • Or give us a call at 919-553-4038, and say you want to talk to someone about test driving a truck.

And we’ll find a souvenir for you. A ball cap. A cool T-shirt. Something to make life even better. Thanks!

Fill out my online form.

Here’s some fine print, but not much:

  • You’ve got to have the proper Driver License. Yes, really. That’s kind of important to the DMV folks. Anything up to 26,000 GVWR, a regular license; if it’s something heavier, 26,001 GVWR and up, you’ll be needing that dandy CDL.
  • The test drive is not Drive-It-Like-You-Stole-It. These trucks are expensive, and you’ve got to bring them back in 15/20 minutes. Plenty of time to see how they run, listen to the radio, make sure the seat fits the way you like it.
  • The souvenir may be something awesome, like an Eastern shirt. We can’t guarantee what we’ll have on a particular day, but we’ve always got people working on cool stuff.
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Why Buy from Eastern Wrecker Sales Inc?

Row of Jerr-Dan Wreckers and Carriers

So — why buy from Eastern Wrecker Sales Inc?

We can give you the best price.

  • Yes, we’re famous for selling fancier trucks with more toys and bigger price tags, but we also specialize in plain vanilla and chocolate.
  • Want a 22’ Jerr-Dan on a new Kenworth with high horsepower, the best trim level, and all the toys? We’ve got that. Usually in stock, ready to go.
  • Need a workhorse Jerr-Dan carrier on a chocolate or vanilla chassis at a low price? We’ve got that, too. Usually in stock, ready to go.

We put it together right.

  • You know these things come in pieces, right? This isn’t like buying a pickup truck— those things roll out of Ford or Dodge or GM already put together. In our world, there’s the truck chassis-cab, then there’s the body, and then there are all the toys that go on them.
  • Somebody has to put it all together, and not everybody does that the same. It’s not just a few bolts and plugging in some lights — we’re talking real welding, power take-offs, routing hydraulic lines, weather connectors on the wiring, and getting all of this to work with the onboard computer.
  • Building a new carrier or wrecker right is not easy, and you don’t want just any jack-leg doing it. (And there are plenty of jack-legs out there doing it. No offense to the jack-legs of the world, but let those guys paint your toolshed or clean up your scrap metal. Don’t let them build your new Jerr-Dan carrier.)
  • We build it right. Then we check it over a second time. And if we do miss anything, we’re right here to fix it. Which leads us to…


  • We’ve been doing this since 1969, with the same owners the whole time.
  • We’ve been operating in the same location, in the same buildings, under the same corporation, since 1979. We’re not planning on going anywhere.
  • If you need to find us, you’ll know where we are.


  • We try to make it easy, and we work with banks who will treat you right. Good lenders offering good finance rates—lenders we trust and who will not nail you to the wall.
  • There’s no shotgun approach. We don’t send your credit information all over the universe. When you send us your application, we look at your credit right here first, then we match your credit profile to one or two of our best lenders.
  • We make it simple. None of it is as fast as buying a new Honda — buying a commercial truck puts you in the world of commercial lending, which typically takes a day or two and may require more information like bank statements — but we make it simple.

You’ll like us.

  • Really. It’s hard to like everybody you meet these days — shocking, we know — but we’ll be nice to you. We’ll listen to you.
  • We’ll help you with your purchase, and we’ll do it in a timely and professional and courteous manner. These days, we’re not finding as much courtesy and professionalism out there — in any field, from selling french fries to doing brain surgery.
  • You will find courtesy and professionalism here.

We really have the truck we say we have.

  • If we say your truck is here and available, it really is. Here on the ground, our people keep track of which units are sold and which ones are ready to go.
  • We also try to keep the website accurate to within a day or so of reality.
  • We do special orders.
  • If you need something special, or a different color, we’ll order it for you. We have always done a tremendous amount of special order business, ranging from special colors or special options all the way up to large industrial carriers and equipment for corporate and government agencies.
  • If we can get you what you want, and do it well and safely, then we will.

You’ll get what you’re promised.

  • Many of our customers come from far away, driving or flying here from the Western US, the Northeast, all over the country and Canada. When we ask them why they come so far when other trucks were available closer to them, the answer we get most often is, “We felt like we would get what we were promised.” Wow. At Eastern Wrecker Sales, we’ve always viewed that as a given — we always make sure our customers get what they were promised, and a little bit more.
  • You’ll get what you were promised. And we’ll make sure you get a little more to go with it.